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  • The Devildogs MC is a breed apart from other clubs.

  • Membership is limited to Marines, active duty or not, and FMF Corpmen who have earned the right to wear the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

  • We are a Texas-based club and do not look to expand beyond the border. For those Marines in states that might be interested in joining, we say thank you for your interest, but must direct you to other clubs. If you see our colors in your state, it's because it may be an active duty Marine who is stationed there, or one of our members riding through.

  • We are not interested in having you join just to get a set of colors to wear. There are places you can buy patches. We are not one of them.

  • We do NOT care what brand of motorcycle you ride.

  • We do NOT claim territory nor do we have club houses.

  • We are NOT a 1% club by choice.

  • We strive to uphold the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps.

  • We are family oriented. Our Support members are family living in the same house as our members. For those who meet the criteria for membership and wish to join, we invite you to download our application and bring it to our next meeting.

  • We DO support our active duty troops and our veterans.

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